The Phoenix Project

5th century Frankish throwing axe
(Iron, found at castle ruin in Austria)

Stay tuned to see this beautiful piece returned to usable and throwable condition.  The results of this project will be updated to this page.

Research is turning up a lot of information, but nothing that can directly place the axe style or function.  The socket, neck and edge of the axe are consistent with throwing axes of the Mammon type, but the poll on the back (heavily used) is more indicative of a ship axe.  The ship axe blade is traditionally much more 'bearded' to allow the user to grasp right at the blade and chip and shave with it.

The edge shape is not consistent with a work axe, but it is consistent with a throwing axe.  Right now I am guessing it is a working axe of the Roman / Franks conflict period, used as a weapon and a camp implement.  The socket is small for it to be a serious work axe, but an ash handle of the size that would fit the socket would survive throwing.

I am not finished with the research, but am starting on the preservation and restoration so I can have the axe ready for Estrella.