14th Century Citole Day 3
OK, day 3 was pretty much a wash on the citole.  Each time I started to lay out a part for the project, it came down to needing the soundboard in place before I could design the part properly, so I am waiting for the spruce (which I have been assured will be here by Satruday at the latest.

Not to worry, though, for the evening was not wasted.  Master Pavel Mypegheadstoohighovitch

(for more information, or to learn about my rebec project in general, please click the image)

 provided me with enough creative outlet for my needs, he returned Rebec Mark1 Mod1 to me for necessary upgrade.  I decided that necessary upgrade meant lowering the peghead, replacing the fingerboard, replacing the nut, building a new bridge, reworking the tuning pegs, and building a bow.  Day 3 saw the re-profiling of the peghead, and the layout of a new fingerboard more like the piece on Mark1 Mod2 (my Rebec), and the reworking of the tuning peg heads.  If the spruce soundboard comes in today, I will return to work on the citole in earnest tonight - if not, I will be finishing the work on the rebec for Pav.

Either way, I will be working on the carvings on the citole body (simple carvings, a large cross caltrava on the back, the trefoil on the tail end, and the relief carved falcon on the peghead end of the body, as well as making a set of tuning pegs for the instrument..  There will be some new pictures up on the site tomorrow, so check back and see.


This is the end of day 3.  More tomorrow (Thorsday, Nov 10) (yes, I know I did)

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